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Commercial Copy Samples:
Video Sketch Samples:
St. Patrick's Day
Print Publication Samples:
Asian Style Magazine
AAA Magazine
On-Air National Radio Samples:
On Air Book Promotion
On Air Voting PSA
Sample Revisions:
Personal Statement
Sample Coverage:
Due to confidentiality, we cannot post sample coverage. Please email us for samples.
Academic Papers:
Childhood, Adulthood, Enlightment
Decolonized Roads of India & China
Escaping Fatalism
Food for Thought
Imperialist Fever
Psychoanalysis of Criminal Mind
Response to Sun Yat Sen
Colonized Imperialized
Delicate Hero
Glory of Shame Award Nominated
Phallusy of lago
Feminist Dilemma

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Our passion is developing great work.

Our job is bringing out the best in your project.

Because together, we can create something extraordinary.

- Micah Haughey

It's all quiet. Listen.. Can you hear that?
   A distant song from the distant shore..
   It's that wish you made when you were a child.

Now is the time to make those dreams a reality.
   Now is the time to leap. To soar. To explore.

Embrace the power of the written word.
   Bring your adventures to life!
   Now is the time to write your own endings.

- Julia Ling